It’s no secret, and hard to argue, that most jobs require a basic knowledge of Excel. Learning Excel can make you an invaluable asset, leading to a potentially higher paying job, or more! The real question is where to begin.




The internet is flooded with places to learn Excel with such things like free videos, all the way up to high priced training courses. No doubt, finding a valuable, reliable, worthwhile, “non -fluff” course can be challenging. So why bother with Excel Soup to Nuts? Give us a moment and we’ll explain.

My name is Dave, and I have been an IT trainer for the past fifteen years, teaching a wide range of software packages, specializing in Microsoft Office. Throughout the years I’ve learned that despite all the cool, flowery, stuff Excel can do- you can boil Excel down into a few core concepts. These core concepts have been the same, going all the way back to Excel 5.0, and learning these concepts represent the foundational topics you’ll need to put yourself in the stratosphere of Excel.

The intent behind this course is to get you to learn Excel in a quick, easy, fun and painless process. All the content (over 13+ hours) within this power-packed class Heck, I’ll even go as far as to say that some of the material in this class will be new even for people who have been using excel for many years.

The trick to learning Excel is to realize that Excel is just a bunch of topics, or core areas, that build the foundation. This class drives home the key items to know within each core area.



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Here’s a breakdown of everything this no non-sense course has to offer:

MODULE 1: An Overview Of All The Common Bits And Pieces To MS Office

  • Even The Geniuses Start Somewhere
  • How to Open Excel/ Other MS Office Programs
  • Getting A Feel For The Excel Environment
  • What Is Thing Called the Ribbon…
  • A Dialog Box Launcher?
  • QAT or Quick Access Toolbar | A Good Place To Store Common Commands
  • Contextual Tabs | Annoying Yet Relevant
  • Backstage View | Sounds Worse Than It Is
  • How to Create A New Excel File
  • How To Save An Excel File
  • How To Close An Excel File
  • Opening An Existing Excel File
  • Cut Copy And Paste
  • The Magical Undo Button
  • How To Search And Find Items
  • Smart Art | An Easy Way To Make Fancy Diagrams
  • Adding Shapes Into Your File
  • How To Add Cartoons (AKA Clip Art) To Your File
  • How To Add A Picture (Read: Real Photograph) To Your File


MODULE 2: Excel’s Fundamentals | The Need To Know Topics

  • Square One – Just What Is Excel Anyway?
  • An Overview Of The Excel Environment
  • The Appearance Of The Mouse Pointer | What Does It Mean?
  • How To Add Content To Cells
  • Modifying (Editing) Cell Content
  • Selecting Cells | Or Chunks of Cells
  • How To Maneuver In Excel | Moving Within And Around Sheets
  • Practice Adding Content To An Excel File
  • How Excel Thinks When It Does Math Calculations
  • Understanding Functions | What The Term Means And How Excel Uses Them
  • Adding Up Numbers | AKA The Sum Function
  • Auto Fill Explained And How Using It Will Save You Time
  • The Home Of The Functions | Where Your Math Formulas Live
  • How To Calculate The Average Of Some Numbers
  • Other Simple Math | Subtract, Multiply and Divide


MODULE 3: How To Dress Up Your Data And Make It Look Nice | AKA Formatting

  • Overview | What Does It Mean To Format A Spreadsheet
  • Changing Fonts
  • Changing Cell and Font Color
  • Changing Number Formats
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Understanding Formats As Layers
  • Actual Vs. Displayed Numbers
  • Insert Rows And Columns
  • Insert Cells Into A Spreadsheet
  • Deleting Rows And Columns
  • The Pesky Pound Sign
  • Merge And Center Content Across A Few Columns
  • Hide and Unhide Columns
  • Insert Sheets Into A Workbook
  • Change Worksheet Tab Colors
  • How To Move And Copy Worksheets
  • Renaming Worksheets
  • The Percent Icon | More Than You Might Think
  • Aligning Content Within Cells
  • Adding Borders To Cells And How Borders Differ From Gridlines
  • Slick Formatting With Conditional Formatting And Some Potential Pitfalls As Well
  • Dates In Computers | Did You Know They Are Really Serial Numbers


MODULE 4: Ok, So You’ve Typed It, Made It Look Nice, Now How Do You Print It

  • Printing | It’s A Bunch Of Moving Parts
  • The File, Print Command | A Walkthrough
  • Page Break Preview | Your Best Bet To Cure Printing Ailments
  • Add Header And Footers For Your Worksheet
  • Margins | The Blank Area Around Your Paper
  • The Print Area And How It May Save You Some Aggravation With Repetitive Printing
  • How To Make Column Heading Repeat When Printing Long Lists Of Data


MODULE 5: Starting Down The Road Of Math | The Heart Of Excel

  • Overview of Excel Functions | Getting the Big Picture
  • MAX And MIN | Otherwise Known As High And Low
  • COUNT And COUNTA | You Can Count On Them To Help
  • Understanding the Absolute Reference | It’s Just A Fancy “Anchor”
  • The Beauty of Named Ranges
  • IF Statement Demystified | Examining The IF, IF AND, IF OR
  • VLOOKUP Made Simple
  • SUMIF and SUMIFS | Adding Things Up That Meet Your Criteria
  • COUNT IF | A Twist On The SUMIF
  • The Power Of Linking
  • Rounding | It A’int What You Think
  • 3-D Formulas | A Fancy Way To Build Formulas Across Sheets
  • DSUM | An Oldie But A Goodie
  • IFERROR | A Cool Way To Cover Up Error Messages
  • MATCH and INDEX Explained, Then Combined For Some Real Magic
  • Math With Text | TRIM
  • Math With Text | UPPER
  • Math With Text | Concatenation
  • Math With Text | PROPER
  • Math With Text | LEN
  • Math With Text | RIGHT
  • Math With Text | LEFT
  • Math With Text | “De-concatenation”
  • Working With Dates And Time | DATEDIF
  • Dates And Time | How Excel Handles Time And Some Hourly Time Calculations
  • Mindbender Formula | ARRAY Calculations
  • Mindbender Formula | The SUMPRODUCT Function
  • Mindbender Formula | The OFFSET Function
  • How To Reverse Engineer A Spreadsheet | AKA Auditing
  • Creating Dynamic Named Ranges | Some People Like This


MODULE 6: List Management: Freeze Panes, Grouping, Sorts, Filters, Subtotals, Pivot Tables

  • List Management | How To Avoid Aggravation With The Freeze Panes
  • List Management | How To Group Data
  • Sorting | How To Alphabetize (Organize) Your Data
  • Sorting | Some Cool Tricks To Impress Your Friends
  • Filters | How To Play ‘Go Fish’ On Your List
  • Advanced Filtering | For When The Basic Filter Won’t Cut It
  • Subtotals | Putting Calculations Within Your List
  • Pivot Tables | An Introduction
  • Pivot Tables | How To Do Math Calculations Within Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Tables | Calculated Fields, A Step Beyond Standard Math In Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Tables | Creating Charts From Your Pivot Table
  • Pivot Tables | Miscellaneous Topics
  • Pivot Tables | Troubleshooting And How To Fix Common Errors
  • Pivot Tables | Slicers, The Glorified Filter


MODULE 7: Charting and Some Miscellaneous Stuff Excel Has To Offer

  • Creating Charts in Excel
  • Miscellaneous Topic | Section Overview
  • Tables | Old Feature Under A New Name
  • Data Validation | An Easy Way To Create A List Of Choices
  • Data Validation Bonus | Using A Named Range With Data Validation
  • Comments | A Way To Add “Notes” To A Cell
  • Goal Seek | For When You Want To “Back Into” An Equation
  • Solver | For Toying Around With Multiple Variables In A Formula
  • Scenarios | A Fancy Way To Play “What If…”
  • Sparklines | Little Mini Charts On Your Sheet
  • Remove Duplicates | How To Get Rid Of Repetitive Data
  • Remove Duplicates Bonus | Using Formulas To Identify Where The Duplicates Are
  • Styles | Canned Cell Formats In Excel
  • Themes | A Way To Format All Your MS Files Uniformly
  • How To Create Paragraph Break In Cells
  • How To Create Your Own Custom Ribbon
  • Gimmicks With The Auto Fill | A Way To Impress Your Friends



  • Macros | Creating A Simple One And Thoughts To Ponder
  • Form Controls | How To Create And Work With ‘Em
  • Form Controls | How To Create A Scrolling Chart
  • Form Controls | How To Create An Interactive Chart



  • Dashboards- An At A Glance View Of All Your Data | The “Hot Item” With Excel
    (25 minute training video)

*** This Proven Course Is For Anyone, Of Any Age, Even If You Have Absolutely NO Computer Skills ***

Still wondering why it’s beneficial to learn Excel?

  • Obtain a higher paying job; possibly get promoted with newly minted Excel skills.
  • Kick some butt on a pending college exam
  • Looking to get MOS certified?

This training course was designed with one overreaching purpose- so that you can learn Excel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Heck, let me lay it all out! If you were to take a live training class from one of the main stream computer training companies out there the content in the class would cost you over $500 to learn. In a similar vein comparable video based training courses can cost $300+ dollars (look it up if you’d like), to learn everything in this class. But since raking people over the coals is not a cool thing to do this course is available for download for only…


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In case you are wondering, you can apply the content of this course to any version of Excel. No matter if it’s 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016- it is all pertinent. Sure, there are some minor differences between versions, but not enough to really screw you up.


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